Digital Marketing Career In India


Digital marketing is a marketing method to promote products and services online. It means promoting the products/services to customers who are using the internet. 


Digital marketing’s worth has been increasing day by day. There is a rapid growth of internet users in India over time. Almost every house has a mobile phone and internet connectivity now in India. India is one of the Top forth Countries with the highest internet users. Technology has been increasing and so is the demand for digital marketing in India. Today we are in that phase, where we seek the internet for everything. Through internet Digital marketing has paved its way to us making our lives easier and also help us generate good income. Hence Digital marketing is a great platform for us to build our career. 


Digital marketing has now taken over traditional marketing. Many traditional marketers have now shifted over to digital marketing. As The Digital marketing in India has been increasing so is the scope. Business and Brands now market their products and services through the internet to increase the reach. There is a wide variety of options to advertise the products and services of a company. Digital marketing has also opened a lot of career options and increased the employment rate in India.

Reasons for the growth of Digital Marketing scope:

  • Marketing online is much easier than traditionally
  • Better Awareness of a Particular Brand/Business
  • Increased Revenue rate
  • You can keep a track on the reach of products/services
  • It increases interaction with the customers
  • Better Conversion rates
  • Increased employment rate.

Even in this Pandemic the higher opportunity rate and highest revenue rate is generated by Digital Marketing. Thus through this, we can understand that the scope of digital marketing will thrive even more in the future.


Digital Marketing in India today provides us with great career options even for fresher’s of the field. Let us find out what are those:

  • Search Engine Marketer:

As a search engine marketer, their main aim is to drive traffic to the websites and generate leads for conversion. They are also supposed to manage landing pages, keywords, structuring a paid campaign, etc.

  • Seo Executive:

SEO executive’s responsibility is to generate traffic on the website and improving the Google rankings. They should make sure that the content on the website is search friendly; they have to conduct keyword research, research about SEO tools, build sitemaps and submit them, etc.

  • Content Marketer:

If you can produce quality content then you can opt for it as a career. Also, you have to make sure that the created content is SEO optimized u drive in more traffic and results. 

  • Social Media Marketer:

The responsibility includes developing various social media campaigns for various products and services. Planning promotional events, maintain a good online relationship with customers, advertising, brand management, etc.

  • Digital Marketing Executive:

They are responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and managing the overall digitalmarketing strategies. 

  • Analytics Manager:

An analytics manager provides direction for a team of data analysts. They build that team, making hiring decisions, and deciding where each analyst’s skills will prove most productive for the organization.

  • Email Marketing Manager:

E-mail marketing carries out all the email related activities of the organization. These Emails should be concise, timely delivered, and should cater to the needs of the consumer.

  • Media Relations Manager:

The media relations manager provides positive reviews for the brand. They are skilled in editing and writing and they have to carefully strategize a PR campaign to maintain and increase the revenue of the company.

Other than this you can also 

  • Start up your own business
  • Become a Freelancer
  • Start your own agency
  • Become a Professional Blogger


Digital Marketing Career in India is going to be credible. Digital marketing has become the most demanding manifesto. 

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