Top 10 reasons to learn Java Programming

Java Programming is one of the best programming languages created ever and it has achieved numerous milestones and proved itself in the last 20 years. Also it is one of the most basic languages that anyone can undertake. Nowadays, Java Programming is one of the most popular languages as it is used to design customized applications that are fast and can serve a variety of purposes. 

Here are top 10 reasons for learning Java Programming:

  1. The demand for java is everywhere

Ofcourse, Java is everywhere, it is on the mobile, desktop and almost everywhere. Also, As per the experts, Java will be available on more than 3.5 billion devices across the globe in the coming two years. 

  • Java Programming is in Banking to deal with the transaction management.
  • It is applied in IOT, POS, cloud, television and other domains.
  • Java is also used in the stock market to write algorithms for investment.
  1. Java is an object oriented programming language

Java is an Object oriented programming language which is associated with the concepts like classes,  objects, inheritance, Encapsulation, and Polymorphism. Developing an OOP application is easy and it also keeps the system flexible. 

  • The concept of OOP makes sure that the users face no problems while handling the major tasks using this language. 
  • The flexible and modular concepts of java makes it the best language.
  1. Java is easy to learn and it is open source

Java Programming is easy to learn and it can be understood in a very short time span. 

  • Java is not a highly complex language. It has a fluent english like syntax with minimum magic characters i.e., Generics angle brackets which makes us easy to learn.
  • However, there are various modules and a wide support that assures learners. 
  • Also there are many features that can be opted for eliminating the key issues from any task based on the java programming language.
  • The open source nature of java makes it easier for users to modify the projects as per their requirements.
  1. Java programming has its rich API

Java programming has an abundant Application Programming Interface that includes many java classes, packages etc. It has mialy 3 types of API i.e., official java core APIs, Optional Official java APIs and Unofficial APIs. As a result this java programming is used for everything including networking, I/O, database connection, utilities, speech synthesis, XML Parsing

  1. Java development tools

There are many powerful development tools like Netbeans, Intellj, Eclipse. However, Netbeans and Eclipse have played a huge role in making java one of the best programming languages. 

  • Also, there are many Integrated Development Environments (IDE’s) in java that provide various facilities for software development to programmers. 
  • These IDE’s provide several facilities like debugging, code completion, automated refactoring, syntax highlighting and language support that makes Java easier and faster. 
  • Finally, Java has created a base for the Android Operating system and opted nearly 90% companies to develop a lot of back-end applications. 
  • Also, it plays a great role in Amazon web services, Apache Hadoop data processing, and windows azure etc.
  1. Java has million job opportunities

Those who aspire to the future in java programming need not to worry about secured and reputed jobs.

  • The huge spectrum of app development is based on java and apps are largely demanded in today’s world.
  • Also many leading IT organisations hore java programming experts to maintain the consistency in their arena.
  • As java has a large installed base it can create new jobs in future too.
  1. It has multiple open source libraries

Open source libraries make sure that java should be everywhere! Also, open source libraries have resources that can be copied, changed, shared etc. However, the multiple open source libraries like JHipster, Google Guava, Apache commons, etc., can make the java development easy and cost-effective. 

  1. Excellent community support

A strong community is the biggest strength of Java programming language. Sometimes the language wouldn’t survive no matter how good it is without the community to help and support. 

Hence java has a large online community of java users starting from beginner, advanced and expert levels that are helpful if any support is required. It also has lots of active forums, open-source organisations, StackOverflow and other java user groups.

  1. Java has wide libraries and it is Platform independent

As the java source code is converted to byte code by the compiler which can be executed on any platform using the java virtual machine, so it is known Platform independent. Java programming is also called “WORA” (Write Once, Run Anywhere) because it is platform independent. 

  • The platform independent approach makes java a programming language that anyone can pick up without worrying.
  • Libraries ensure that users can make a lot of tasks easier, and come out with the best project.
  • Users need not modify their projects when it comes to running applications on another OS except the one on which they were built.
  • Also there are several other indirect benefits that libraries in java assure for the users and learners. 
  1. Learning java makes you professional

Java programming skills are considered as the best skills in the world and this is the top reason why so many people are showing interest towards it.

  • Having the professional recognition of your skills in java, you can always make sure of well-paid jobs in iT.
  • Also, trending in Java can stay for a long period of time.
  • Learners have the good opportunity to gain knowledge of this java programming language.
  • However, there are many certifications and diploma programs available on finger tips.

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