DevOps means Development and operations. A DevOps engineer is the one who deals with both in software industry. These works with software developers and operators. A DevOps engineer responsible for building infrastructures, Install and configure various operating systems, Automate CI/CD pipelines, Acts as a Administrator, Trouble shoot different problems and Automate tasks.

Steps for becoming DevOps engineer:

Becoming DevOps engineer not only require technical knowledge but also practical knowledge therefore structured training should be implemented.

1. Understand DevOps tools:

  There are many DevOps tools in the market like slack, Jenkins, phantom Kubernetes etc. but the most preferable is Git and Git operation.

2. Automate DevOps:

Automation is generating code to be pushed to monitor for execution of the task. Automation servers like jenkins are used .  How to integrate Build tools  Maven with DevOps tools like Git. This process is called Continuous Integration.  It is nothing but developing Continuous Integration pipeline.

3. Programming Languages:

There are various programming languages in the market like java, bash, sql/plsql, database , Ansible/Terra form, python, bash etc. but DevOps engineer should atleast know linux and scripting knowledge it is must.

4. Cloud Infrastructure:

DevOps engineer should have a good cloud knowledge to get benefits of both cloud and DevOps .most of the organisations prefers cloud for infrastructure. Amazon web services, Azure, Google cloud platform are must.

5. Testing Skills:

DevOps should learn testing tools like puppet, chef etc but docker is must .Should learn to test code after every task.  Should integrate testing tools like Selenium with Jenkins. This is known as Continuous Delivery. Should understand deploying task in server and collect feedback. For continuous monitoring tools like splunk are important.

Overall to become DevOps engineer requires lot of patience, passion and hard work. Communication skills are important as it deals with various people . It is a continuous process of learning and adapting to various environments.

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